“Practice makes perfect”. Yes i heard that too. This post is for the beginners to the WordPress blog. On the entry you will be like “What the hell??”. But hold on, It’s not that tough you see. Just sit a second with the “Dashboard” and check out the options one at a time. Some are to be meant to cross referenced. You will know once you get in.

But all of the options are user-friendly and easy to adjust as per you needs. Templates / Themes should do fine for the designs you expect. There are a lot of free themes, you can activate them as you wish and check if it goes well with your content. Let me tell you some of the things you should do care.


“Pages” will give you the feel of Website to your blog. You can create the number of pages as you want. In case if you planning for a simple site. You should at least have three pages,

*Home Page

*Contents page

* Contact Us page

Believe me you don’t want to mix up all those. The user will not like to be welcomed by your posts, so a home page is needed.

And when the user want to contact you, they should not scroll all over to find your mail id, so probably you should make a space to Contact Page.


This is one of the less cared part, but don’t miss this one. These widgets can help the users to know more about you. Some of the widgets such as Categories, Twitter, Facebook, Links, Blog roll, Search can help your user to read more about you and your blog. That will result in, the user will feel free to explore more.


You know Images and videos can attract you more users. Visual media talk a lot than texts. So include images and videos in your posts. When you add images and videos, keep an eye on the “size of it”. Because the wordpress have a limit of 3GB storage. But there is a tricky thing in media.

When you think about SEO the media  can be a trouble. So you have to add “ALT tag” for the media. You have the options to add in WordPress, you can see them when you upload images in media library itself. to know more about “Alt tag’s” importance, watch the below link.



You know there are a lot of settings to play with, but don’t ignore this one. In the privacy settings you can see option to hide it from search engines. If you are looking to attract users then you should not use this one. Let the search engines to index your page so that it will be easier to find for your guests.


I have already insisted to create a separate page for contact. Years back, “contact” is about your address and phone number. But social network dominated more, you should give paths to users to reach to your facebook page and share a like, or to twitter and to follow you. This will keep them to be in touch with you for a long time. You surely don’t want your user to read your blog and forget about it the next moment right? Then Social media is the way to keep in touch with them.


And.. there is one thing you should keep in mind above all the things i said. POSTS. Yes, you heard it right. Posts, not just any posts but the quality posts. They say write contents for the search engines.


Write content for your users, they will reach you if you have what they need. Imagine, when a user reaches your blog because of a keyword and they don’t find anything that they need. Yes, you don’t want the potential readers/ Users.

Keep them all in mind and Happy Blogging.

If you have any queries, you know where to find my contacts.