Every blogger or a website owner want viewers to their blog to read what is in it. But people tends to get greedy and expect more and more viewer counts instead of genuine viewers. So they start to hold on to some practices, which they think it will attract viewers. But Some practices will screw your value.

Comments with URLs

Its one of hate worst and largely used practice, commenting with Promotional URL link in it, hoping it will lead people in to your blog. But you should have noticed that, your blog automatically mark it as spam if the comment have any URL. And the chances that the people will visit your page very less. Are you sure you want to spoil your value by yourself? Think.

So easy way to attract the viewers is by putting valuable content and the people will share for others view.

Exception :  The URLs can be included provided it has something to do with the article you commenting on.

Using URLs as User names

This is similar to the earlier one, but here the username itself will URL contained. But the result will be same as earlier one, end up as spam. These comments also will be considered as Spam by the WordPress / Blogger.

Using Glamorous words as links

This is also another practice of  having a glamorous text and linking your page with it. Yes, absolutely this will attract the viewer counts and also it will increase the Bounce Rate in your blog. You see, this bounce rate factor will impact highly on, the credibility of the links to your blog. That obviously will end of losing your blog value in the SEO or simply page ranking.

Using Famous Brands as Tags/Labels

Adding Sachin Tendulkar’s name esin the tags in an article about digital marketing makes no sense, does it?. But people do it to attract the traffic to the site. But some times it will work and it will increase the viewer counts. but, will your viewers be satisfied? NO. Yes, that will be be another reason to increase the viewer bounce rate and spoil the article.

These are the common practices of screwing themself, in the greediness of viewer counts. If you come across any practices such, please feel free to share it.

Happy Blogging.

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