I had lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head when i decided to Digital Marketing (Online Marketing) as my career. Even some of my friends quizzed about, what is the eligibility to enter in to it. I read a lot to know about them, and i saw the scope of it in the future.

The thing is many of us are influenced by the various aspects of digital marketing in day to day life, without realizing it. So today i woke up to see this video sent from Suresh babu (my mentor and friend) of Web Marketing Academy. This video is about the one of the pioneer of Digital Avinash Kaushik expressing his views on the future of the Online Marketing.

He also did mention about who can take up this career. The qualities you need to be the next Digital Marketing Expert.

Avinash Kaushik (pioneer of digital ) about the Magnificent opportunities in the online marketing or advertising.

Yes, Hope you are Insanely Curious and Committed enough to practice.

Welcome to the world of Digital Marketing.


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