Some people were talking about this “Pheed” last night in social sites. Today the first thought came to me was to know, what is new in it? You know we are all somewhere addicted to facebook, twitter, linkedin and etc. But whats news in Pheed?

Sign Up

Profile Page:

Pheed welcomes you with a grand poster with options of Signup either with Facebook or Twitter or E-mail.

"New social site Pheed Log in page"
The Log In page of Pheed

Here I have signed up Using Twitter and I have dragged in to the new Profile page and interestingly the twitter handle, twitter bio has been automatically updated here.

the profile page while signing up using twitter
the profile page at sign-up

Premium Posting

Here is the interesting aspect of Pheed. You can get paid for using and sharing the post, or you can post it for free. If you are broadcasting live through Pheed, you can get paid for it.

Premium Posting option of pheed
Premium Posting Option in Pheed

Then as like any other social sites you can invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to join the Pheed. You can feel the twitter’s presence here, Pheed shows you a bunch of people who are leaders in the Pheed to subscribe them. If you are interested, yes go ahead and subscribe it.

Subscribe the leaders in pheed
Subscribe option in the pheed at sign up

The Timeline

You cannot resist remember the Google plus page when seeing Pheed Timeline page. It has the “Create New Pheed” at the top of the page. The time line will be filled by the pheeds of the people you subscribed. And you have options to Comment/ reply to the pheeds. They call it Pheedbacks which is nothing but “feedbacks”. Funny isn’t it?

the feeds in the pheed, with like, favourite, mention button
The feeds (pheeds) in Pheed

Here is whats new in pheed. It has options to “Like” or “Dislike” and “favourite” the Pheeds/feeds. And you can even share the same in multiple Major social sites such as Facebook, twitter and Google, from the timeline share button.

Sharing options from Pheed timeline
The sharing buttons to major social sites

Create New Pheed and Copyright it

When you click the “Create New Pheed” option a “Pop-Up” window will show up with the Multiple Options. The Interesting aspect of this Pheed is it allows any media to feed, let it be text, audio, video or image. So you can claim it as a single platform to share all the medias.

The one amazing feature in the pheed is, if the pheed is your original content you can claim “Copyright” for it. It is going to be the great feature in the Pheed.

The create new pheed window with copyright option
The new pheed window with copyright option

You can see the check box below the text box to copyright your pheed.

The second major feature- live broadcast

It is a paid feature but still it is an amazing feature which is similar to the Google Hangout. This allows the people to reduce the complexity in creating a webinar or online broadcasting. And more over you can schedule an event here for the future and share it to the followers.

Live broadcasting option in pheed and event scheduling
Broadcasting option in pheed

So in short pheed is …

Okay, they are the Major features in the Pheed, but that’s not it all. Pheeds features “suggesting persons“, “trending pheeds” options similar to twitter. In short Pheed (feed) is the collaborative version of the twitter, facebook and Google plus. They have included some features such as copyrighting, audio sharing, live broadcasting and sharing options all in the timeline. Yes, it can be useful in multiple ways for the individuals and corporates as well.

Keep your eyes open for the updates on how it can be useful for your business.

You can click here to explore and experience the new social site

Sign Up for the Pheed

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