Everybody giving away something for this Halloween day. I loved the Google’s Halloween Doodle by the way. Then i logged in today Crowdbooster today to see a welcome tab saying “want to try new Crowdbooster layout?“.

Will you say No, if something is new?

It redirected to their new URL new.crowdbooster.com. It is good what i experienced. Don’t you wanna see whats new with the layout?

Here it is…

Crowdbooster's new interface and layout design.

1. New Tabs for Analyse and Publish

There are two different tabs for Analyse and Publish.

The analysis report claims to be real-time. Believe it, it is real-time. If you have doubts just try using both interface at the same time. You can see the difference in the counts. And the suggestion and alerts tab also got a new look and easy to navigate.

The publish tab was scattered in the old interface. The Publish option has the schedule option as the previous one. But whats new here? you can Post easily in Facebook as well now. how?

2. Toggle Interface between profiles/accounts

Here comes the fantastic part. you can toggle the profiles between Facebook and Twitter. You might have seen the analyse report of the Last tweets and the impression and RT counts in old interface.

Here if you have linked your Facebook Page, you can see how many impressions your last post made.

Why it is important? You should know that even if you have 1000 fans to your page, not all of them seeing your posts but only 30%. So here you can see how many impressions your posts made, exactly.

facebook last post stats in crowbooster's new layout design


3. New interface design for the week/month/custom stats

The new interface is smooth and sexy to look as it is easy to navigate. But whats interesting here??

For those who are uncomfortable with the “Graph Stats” a toggle can take you to the “Table Format“. For the beginners with the Crowdbooster or for those who seek detailed analysis, this table format will be much useful. All these features were available in the old interface as well but this is better.


4. The new cumulative potential impressions count

Here is a new count stat which will tell you in the selected period how many potential impressions your posts have made. I think this numbers will tell you how much your reach can be.

5. The Live support Tab

This is more interesting, a new support option has been introduced with the live support. Which makes it easier to get support from the Crowdbooster team.

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