Original content : That matters.

I have seen people who just copy content from somewhere and create article and expect it to rank it above. Some people even try to do some illicit practices such as article spinning, article scrapping which will obviously pull down the credibility of the page in the Search.

Okay, Lets hear what Search engines say about it,

“…some webmasters attempt to improve their pages’ ranking and attract visitors by creating pages with many words but little or no authentic content. Google will take action against domains that ….. don’t add substantial value to users…” Google Blog stats

“Get creative on adding relevant content beyond just the basics.  Get feedback from your readers and post that for all to read.  The bottom line on this point is quality content is what the search engines seek…”  stats Bing’s Forum.

So trying to fool the Search Engines is similar to fooling the users and to be accurate you are fooling yourself. Make contents which makes the user to create a trust in you and make them come back.

How to create original content?

Is it really tough to create unique text? Yes it is. Creating compelling, unique and creative content is tough most of the times. But you should sow good seeds to reap the best, right?

Here is a case study about the value of Original content

Here are some of the basic ways to be unique content creator.

Do research

Research is the one of the amazing way to come with a unique content. It’s not only unique but most informative and useful to the user. The results from a research can be an easy source to grab attention from the audience.

Add “you” part in it

Okay, everyone talking about it, what more i can say? is that your worry?

Here is the solution. Every one can talk about the flower, but what is your view on it? how you see the flower? that is the original content. Add your view to the topic and share it.

Explore more

You could see a lot of the articles talking about the same thing. If you want to be unique, take a specific part of it and explore that in details and give it to the audience. eg: when every blog was talking about the new Google search results page
here is a post  which came with the Likes and Defects of the Google new design which is more compelling to visit.

Add perspectives

This is another way of creating original and unique content by brainstorming. Have a team and let them discuss on a particular topic then put the cumulative data as a post which will be consisted of various views and it will help you to explore the new aspects of the topic.

Here is 5 ways to brainstorm for creative content

Creating exclusive unique content always help you succeed and grab unique and genuine audience to your site. Keep sharing your knowledge.