Sulia – An subject based Social media site

Absolutely this is about the new social media site Sulia. Okay, Don’t give me that look, “another one??”.

Well, yea it is another one. But there is something interesting about it. For those who are in to learning and researching, this could be the social media site. This Site is focused on your interests and favorite topics.

What is new in Sulia?

You can log in with your twitter or Facebook profile. Yes it allows multi-profile posting similar to Pheed. The home page don’t have much options or links to play with, but a plain simple board design. You could see two Favorites and Suggested on the top and those matters here.

sulia, social media site, subject based social media

What are those “Favorite” and “Suggested”?

Here you should understand what is Sulia is about. Sulia organizes and gives you the news and posts shared about your favorite topics.

How does it happen? its simple Sulia takes a bunch of topics which you have shared in your twitter / Facebook.

Sulia, social media site, suggested list of topics,

This is how the suggested list of topics appears in Sulia and the best thing about it is following and un-following a topic is not that complicated. you can just do it by a click.

Favorite feeds

Once you favorite the topics you can see the new tabs. That tabs with the news and posts about your topic in a pinterest like listing design.

The interesting thing is the details even more categorized with three columns “live”, “featured” and “leaderboard”. which makes it easier to use.

Sulia favorite topics, topics feed, tiles

Follow Experts

Okay, i know reading all those will make you dizzy, but what if you can follow your favorite experts in those topic?

Well you can just follow the experts here, and the shares by those will be listed in the favorite column of the home page when you log in.

sulia-follower posts-favorite topics per experts

Don’t keep it yourself

Okay, Sulia is about getting information in one place. But don’t keep it yourself, Share it. Sulia allows engagement by liking, Commenting and also sharing in Twitter and Facebook.

twitter facebook share button, like, comment in sulia

Post for the group

Posting in Sulia is different from other social media sites. You can post on topic based and your followers are who are all interested in those topics. Which allows you to reach most number of people worldwide as of the Sulia user count increases.Sulia, new post layout, with twitter and facebook posting And the post in the sense, it’s not like a 140 character tweet or a Facebook post. Here you can write a blog post itself. Believe me when i say, the post includes 115 character title and 2500 characters in post. So you are sharing a post here. This Social media site is not with funny time pass thing but a useful and interesting for the researcher and learners.

But How can you use it if you are in corporate? Think.

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