OME Community

If you are hailing from Digital Marketing industry, there is a lot of possibility that you may have come across this Name. Yes, “OME Community” otherwise “Online Marketing Enthusiasts Community” begun it’s journey from Bangalore, as a group of Digital Marketing Enthusiasts wanted t create a group to share the news about the industry.
That group which was less than 10 people now it is indeed became a Community of hundreds.

OME in Facebook

OME has great influence in its Online Marketing Enthusiasts Facebook group with around 900+ members, varying from beginners to industry experts.
This group is a discussion and sharing forum for the Online Marketing Aspirants. You can Share ideas, share information, Get answers, Give advice and more as a part of this community.

Monthly Meet – Up

Don’t loose hope, because it is just an online community. OME has the big influence in the Offline as well. OME organizes a monthly meet up of the Community meet-up for the Digital Marketing Enthusiasts.

In fact last week we had a fantastic session about adwords from an Ex-Googler Adithi. It was a wonderful for those who are eager to know about adwords and it’s functionality to gain more ROI.

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Who Can Join?

As like other events, they don’t categorise the audience. If you are interested in Digital Marketing you can just walk in, no matter if you are a rookie or the expert in this field.

What You Get?

OME community is a wonderful place to meet up. But you know people have this quest of what they gonna get here.
Online Marketing Community meet up is the best place for networking and knowledge sharing. Here, the environment is not like “Guest talk and audience listen” but here both talk and listen.

Guest Speakers

OME don’t call just any celebrities as guest speakers, but invite the industry experts who have the in-depth practical exposure on the industry. So it will be a center to share. Believe me when i say, the people come here are ready to share anything you want to know.

It’s Fun Too

On my personal experience i have met different kind of people in these meet-ups. I cannot measure the network i made through this community.

My first OME meet up experience

Be Updated

OME meet up helps you to be updated in the Digital Marketing Industry and you will be updated on the Digital Marketing Events happening in Bangalore.

If you are interested in to be a part of Online marketing Enthusiasts community you can start by joining in the facebook Group

If you are already a part of it, please feel free to share and let others to be part of our community.



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