Paid posts vs Free posts!

Recently Facebook announced paid post option for the users, but even before the announced, many users found a slight dropping in the visibility of the posts in the insights. Is Facebook trying to make the most money out of it?

Why these changes happening in Facebook?

There are a lot of theories are said why this drop!

Some says its “Edge rank algorithm” by Facebook, which is similar to Google search. The posts will be shown in your timeline based on “new content”, “frequency of interaction between the person who is posting and user”, “your interests” and etc.

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This theory seems more valid, but when compared to the percentage of visibility of your posts it’s not acceptable by many users. On average users experienced only 16-30 % of their fans seeing their posts.

So most of the small business owners and frequent social user are not pretty much okay with the new facebook changes. Twitter too has similar kind of promotional tweets option, but the catch is twitter don’t control the visibility of the natural posts.

Why facebook may lose its fame?

The paid version of the posts is one of the reason why it may lose its fame. On the other news Google plus is growing as fast as facebook. And Google plus and LinkedIn are coming up with frequent changes to attract its users.

And the create communities options in Google getting famous in a short period, believe it or not Google Plus getting its market share grow.  And it is believed that Google plus shares may impact SEO, which will obviously grab attention of businesses. So, it may not so far when people will adopt google plus.

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These are my take on how it will be in future… I am expecting what you are thinking about it. Please Share your comments.