We have seen the Adwords is enhancing rapidly its structures & features. Google officially announced that from july 22 all the Accounts will be migrated to Enhanced Campaigns. Enhanced campaigns comes with few modified features.

It has been said that its modified features, they are not unique. The modifications include Adgroup level Ad extensions, time & Location specific bid adjustments, integration of device targeting with bid adjustment options.

So whats so interesting about the call extensions??

If you utilize better, you can now target mobile users even if you don’t have a mobile site. Yes, so small sites dont have to break their heads to create mobile landing pages just to target in SEM (obviously you will need for direct users). So how call extensions come in handy?

The call extensions come with a setting, whether to use “both call & website” or “just call”.


If you set the settings as Only the phone number, your ad in mobiles will allow visitors to only to call not to visit your website. A sample of Image is shown below.\

Ad 1 : It is the call only Extension: Which allows user to only call and not to access the Weblink.

Ad2 : This ad allows the user to access the weblink and also to call.


So for a site which dont have a mobile site can use this feature & target the mobile user and make them your client.