What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is one element every SEM manager focuses on any Adwords account. But, How it is calculated in the back-end & how does it impact your campaigns was a myth. Many tried to find it though experiments & came up with some wisdom on what are all the elements impact the QS (Quality Score). Few of the factors are CTR, Ad relevancy, Landing page, match type, bids, ad extensions etc.

Yes, it is something that is similar to “page rank” in SEO. Everybody believe it is there but Nobody exactly know how it works.

Is it important any longer?

Google’s recent whitepaper on Quality Score says Quality score is just a Diagnostic tool but not a key performance indicator. This makes everything that any SEM manager believed in, which is to improve the quality score you will see better performance. Even many experiments proved that it is true that improving the quality score will result in better CPC, higher positions & better Impression share as well.

Listen what Google used to say about Quality Score.

So is Google dropping the quality score’s importance in your keyword’s/Account’s performance?

Hmmm… Not Actually…

What Changed Now on Quality Score?

Now you have to know about something called “Ad rank”. Yea, it is something that has to do with your keyword performance based on CTR, Landing page, Ad relevancy and Ad extensions etc. Yes it is same Quality Score with new Name.  This is what Google’s Latest video on Adrank says about how Adrank impacts account performance.

Google has not changed much in the back-end, but changed the name in the front end. Quality score will be a diagnostic tool but also a Key Performance indicator of your account. Because it still impact the how much you pay for a click, how much of the Search impressions you going to reach, at what position you are ranking up and more.

So Keep Calm and Improve the performance 🙂

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